Wednesday, May 04, 2005

End of a Personal Era

Jacob Zulu and Juliette Binoche notwithstanding, though, I gotta take a little moment here to say that today was my very last day teaching Cornell undergraduates. Not that I don't have plenty of grading ahead of me, but I'm officially out of the Cornell classroom, 5½ years after my first TAship and 4½ after my first very-own seminar (English 108 crew!). Like all teachers, I whine and worry about my job, but like most teachers, I also love it beyond expression, and Cornell has been a great place to teach. I held my stuff together in class, but y'all know I was sad, because it's the Curse of the Nerdy Teacher to be sad when one's teaching gig is temporarily up.

So, when my former students get to procrastinating on their future assignments, or treading water in grad school, or killing time at their desk-jobs, or doing whatever else it is that prompts one to Google oneself, I hope y'all find this page, and I hope you let me know what you're up to! As an English & Film teacher, it offends my narrative sensibilities to meet cool people for such a short time and then not know where the story goes from here... so fill me in, why dont'cha? And thanks for being such a collectively great and memorable bunch...

Ankur Agarwal - Nick Ahuja - Lizzie Altschuler - Neil Becker - Sarah Bender - Danielle Billotti - Kate Bossart - Erin Brewster - Amy Bravo - Greg Brown - Sarah Burger - Joe Calamia - Monica Celedon - Lindsay Chandler-Alexander - Jane Chao - Kelvin Chao - Jocelyn Chen - Jonathan Chin - Peter Choi - Mary Chu - Matt Clarey - Dan Cohen - Christopher Crump - Riki Cullingford - Anya Degenshein - Gaea Denker-Lehrman - Colin Farrell (no, not that one) - Joe Fastiggi - Leili Fatehi - Brian Folan - Kat Galasso - Rachael Gan - David Gelston - Sonia Gil Montero - Deepti Gooriah - Dara Gordon - Eric Gregory - Eric Grysko - Pam Gusmanos - Jason Harger - Natalie Harris - Mustafa Hassanali - Jake Holwerda - Naoshi Homma - Chris Hopkins - Kelly Hsu - Henry Huang - Jordan Karlik - Aron Katz - Zeynep Kayhan - Alexander Keith - Jeff Klein - Jazzmin Lamas - Nabilah Lari - Enrique Leal - Harrison Leavens - ShawnaKim Lowey-Ball - Christopher Luise - Neel Lund - Talia Mayer - Karen Mayr - Shaun McCready - Ryan McGarry - Joanna Mecca - CJ Minchoff - Ariam Mogos - Andrei Naumov - Abby Nedrow - Heather Nelson - Josh Newman - Jay Olivarez - Jasyn Polowitz - Rohini Ravindran - Brian Rodriguez - Louis Schneider - Kyle Silk-Eglit - Dante Simone - John Sorrell - Dave Stanford - Tom Stokes - Katrina Stoll - Ben Towbin - Saul Uranovsky - Keri VerSchure - Flo Vineberg - Rob Willim - Catherine Wilson - Misha Zatsman - Lily Zhang

Dang, I didn't mean for this to look quite so much like the Vietnam War Memorial. But don't think I don't remember you! (Give me a holler, though, if you're living on the QT and don't want people you don't know scanning your name.)

At risk of sounding like Tiny Tim: Best of luck to all of you!!



Blogger Skay said...

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6:35 PM, May 26, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude do u know Nicholas Ahuja i am trying to contact him his brother kenneth was a dear friend unfortunately kenneth overdosed and succummed to his demons and died holla at me

1:54 AM, February 19, 2006  

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