Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm a Late Bird...

I was walking into my office today at 2:20pm, amid a quick, jewel-toned moment of sunlight between rain-showers, and I noticed a robin perched on the side of the Lower Walk through campus, placidly enjoying a worm. I say again, 2:20pm. This is my kind of bird: he didn't wake up early, and he still got his.

I've decided to take him as a personal totem for my return to my web-writing duties, now that my grades are finally all filed. (Lulu, I hope you're feeling the same!) I've got almost a dozen theatrical releases to report on, #54 in the countdown to post, the fabulous new Tennessee Williams DVD Collection to review, Supporting Actress Sunday to keep pace with, a belated but heartfelt Happy Birthday! to broadcast, the Cronenberg corpus to debate, and many more DVDs and books piled around the apartment to wade my way through, blissfully, gluttonously, like a pig, as they say, in ————.

Don't call it a comeback!

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Blogger NATHANIEL R said...

that pic is so cute. but i have birds on the brain because over the hedge starts with a short called "first flight" which is really sweet w/ abundant avian cuteness.

10:09 AM, May 20, 2006  

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