Friday, August 25, 2006

We Loved Loved Loved Loved Loved Loved It While It Lasted!

The blogosphere sheds a collective tear today as one of its most perfect objects reaches sublime completion... which is another way of saying, in as many mixed metaphors as possible, that 6 Things won't be delivering any more witty, ironic, piquant, reflective, eclectic, and idiosyncratic sextets, at least not for a while. The final entry strongly implies the curtain call with a list of six great exit lines from the movies; if your antennae didn't already go up, notice that you can't comment on the post, and that you have to click into the archive to see any of the previous entries, even the most recent ones.

Since par3182, the blog's alluringly mysterious and impressively concise writer, has so clearly (and typically) opted for pith over mawkishness, we'll just say that he remains one of the most unique, talented, and refreshing personas whom Blogger ever did host. Without a single graphic or "Special Episode," his site sparked my own creativity, won my admiration, surprised me with each new tour stop, and regularly made me laugh. And he made me more interested than I ever would have been in Paul Licuria, the lovely Laura Linney, and his own friend Jane.

Here's my own karaoke gallery of greatest hits, but if you have your own, feel free to post them in the comments. Don't be a stranger, 6 Things! (And don't forget, everyone: we'll always have Paris, as well as the complete 6 Things archive.)

My Six Favorite 'Six Things,' and Why:
1. six titles i considered, then rejected, for this blog (6.19.05)
- perfectly augurs the peculiar delights to come

2. six 1940s movie acting techniques you don't see much anymore (7.22.05)
- "#6. hat acting" is sublime, "#2. woman tosses head from side to side, too ashamed to make eye contact" is empyrean, but "#1. man grabs woman by upper arms and shakes the truth out of her" is transcendental: my favorite single entry on any list in the whole history of the site. and this entry is a great litmus test: you can tell right now whether or not you "get" 6 Things

3. six things i discovered about the little old lady with whom i shared a park bench yesterday (9.5.05 - clementine's birthday!)
- funny in a smaller, gentler way—almost not really funny—and proof that 6 Things isn't far off from how we sometimes know or meet people or pass the day

4. six colours i'd prefer barney the dinosaur to be (10.2.05)
- i have no good reason for this one; i just love it, even though the same month had some other strong contenders, like "six guidelines for surviving four years at a country all boys boarding school" on 10.8.05, and "six actresses i'd like to be best friends with" on 10.10.05

5. six things that might be more uncomfortable to be nailed to than a cross (4.14.06, i.e., easter)
- the pride & prejudice "review" on 4.10.06 is hard to vote against, but the flat-out hereticism as well as the flat-out hilarity of this one is too killer to ignore. plus, each entry is funnier than the last

6. six things i would pack for a weekend on the love boat (5.3.06)
- unimprovable, taking perfect stock of the show, just as his itemized responses to movies and books always do




Blogger NATHANIEL R said...

6 reactions to this post

1. no
2. NO
3. no no no no NO
4. [sob]
6. for real? it's over? do we have proof? until we do I shall lie to myself about that being the end.

10:04 PM, August 28, 2006  
Blogger NicksFlickPicks said...

Confirmed by 6 Things himself, before I posted this. I wouldn't cry wolf if I weren't already sure... though I, like you, persisted as long as humanly possible in the self-protective belief that I was overreading, and that everything was just fine. I.e., I acted just like a Senator who believes in the War, but in my case only for a day, and in my case nobody died.

10:32 PM, August 28, 2006  
Blogger Emma said...

I love Six Things! Genius in a six-step plan.

8:37 AM, September 01, 2006  

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