Friday, April 13, 2007

The Revisions Continue...

Before... After!, with updates to the new style and color palette, illustrated and reformatted full reviews (though I only wrote seven of these last year!), easy links for sorting by title or by letter grade, quick navigation to previous and subsequent years, and, as always, a no-frames version. My beloved also tells me that he likes being able to resize the frame borders, so he can maximize his reading window, and what am I if not accommodating?

Also, though this is something of an afterthought: Before... After!, notable for prettier pictures and a new e-mail destination. The NicksFlickPicks account has been screwy for months, devouring who knows how many e-mails I never saw, so I'm steering people away from it.

Finally, if on an unrelated note, happy birthday to Dr. S, a clever, sexy, talented, and incandescent MemoryChick who never, ever needs a redesign.

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Blogger Dr. S said...

Oh, you are lovely. Thank you.

9:35 AM, April 15, 2007  

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