Friday, August 01, 2008

March Madness, in August!

You didn't think we'd exclude you forever, did you? Goatdog reminded me that I was supposed to let you after last week's Best Pictures... episode that the insanity has taken two additional, inevitable forms. One of these is a tournament bracket among your three Oscar-obsessed musketeers, where we vote internally about our favorite winner from each set of five consecutive years (so far, '28-'32 and '03-'07), eventually determining our favorite Best Picture winner. The other is a page of reader's polls where you get to record your own votes for the same contests. By the end, sometime next year, under a new Democratic president, we'll see how closely we all agree. Hop to it!

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Blogger John T said...

Don't forget about an increasingly strong Democratic Senate, House, and a Best Actress battle featuring some of the finest Hollywood has to offer! :)

9:46 PM, August 03, 2008  
Blogger Glenn Dunks said...

I unfortunately can't vote in the first one considering I haven't seen any of them (I'm not even sure if any of them are available on DVD here, and if they are they're not widely accessible from my spot). I voted M$B for the other though, which surprised me.

2:15 AM, August 04, 2008  
Blogger DL said...

I haven't seen any of the five from the first bracket, so I unfortunately couldn't vote for that round.

But among the more recent winners, I find myself rooting for The Departed. I almost voted for No Country for Old Men, but it's gotten me a lot less excited after two successive home viewings, whereas The Departed just seems to get better with age - I could watch it all day long and still find interesting things in there. I have a feeling it's the one out of these five that people are most likely going to be discussing 50 years from now, so it got my vote after all.

11:32 PM, August 04, 2008  

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