Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Back in the Trenches

When I start writing one thing, I start writing everything, but you all know that by now. Still hard at work on my book manuscript, from which I thought I was just taking a 145-minute break in order to watch James Cameron's The Abyss for the first time. I didn't expect to still feel gripped by the experience a full day later, especially since the movie is flawed enough that you'd expect its force to be blunted a bit. But I still haven't shaken it off, mostly despite the movie's missteps but also, in some interesting ways, because of them. And when that happens, this happens.

If you're a fan of the movie, or you're just interested to read more, I'd point you toward Antagony & Ecstasy's typically thought-provoking review, written as part of the James Cameron retrospective he completed in the weeks leading up to Avatar.

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Blogger NATHANIEL R said...

as per usual I'm deeply humbled by this review. I think it's the least appreciated of Cameron's filmography and you've really nailed why in a way i'd never been able to vocalize... (even while naming it's main strengths.)

Bonus points: The best description i've ever read of Ed Harris.

Lingering question: Why didn't Michael Biehn ever have a sturdy big career outside of James Cameron? I've never understood it.

thanks for another thought provoking piece.

7:42 AM, August 05, 2010  
Blogger tim r said...

Everything Nat said. Great to have you back on the beat with such a corker of a review. Bits of this movie stay with me vividly some dozen years since I last saw it, and you've reminded me which bits, and why, and made me itch to see it again. On the big screen, ideally. It's crying out for a reissue, and I'd be first in line.

12:03 PM, August 05, 2010  
Anonymous /3rtfu11 said...


How come you didn't review the superior extended Special Edition? Cameron’s director’s cut is everything the Theatrical Version never was.

11:27 PM, August 05, 2010  

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