Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Man Behind the Curtain... Wyatt Bonikowski, who is as kind as he is smart and as smart as he is kind. Which translates to extremely smart and extremely kind, for those who don't know him. I just found out about Wyatt's blog yesterday, just visited this morning, and therefore just discovered that in addition to writing some fascinating papers on war trauma, psychoanalysis, and modernist fiction in our Ph.D. program, Wyatt has also been working on pieces of short fiction for years, and has even had some of them published. As it happens, Wyatt is as humble as he is kind and smart, so I don't think my own cluelessness is the only reason I hadn't known any of this before.

Anyway, I'm adding Wyatt to the blog-roll in the sidebar, and I'll encourage y'all to hit his site and check out his stories if you get a chance. And also, Wyatt is collecting phrases for a new story he's working on—specifically, phrases that people tend to mis-write because the way we colloquially pronounce them has shifted away from the actual wording. For example, "all the sudden" instead of "all of a sudden," or "for all intensive purposes" when we mean "for all intents and purposes." If you can think of more of these, give Wyatt a holler.



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