Sunday, April 16, 2006

Even More Reindeer Games

Here's an entire preview reel of coming and in some case constant attractions: three sandboxes in which Nick's Flick Picks has been invited to make lists and sandcastles and mudpies (oh my!).

First, I realize with utter horror that I have not plugged the ModFab 6, a sexy sextet of wonks and wags that ModFab and his readers elected a couple of months ago to weigh on occasionally on matters big and small: artistic, political, ephemeral. ModFab's is still the blog I most admire for breadth of interests, regularity of updates, ratio of laughs, streamlined innovations of form, and the occasional, delectable sharpness of claw. Meow, indeed! The half-dozen angels winging around our proud and fearless Charlie include some regular bill-sharers on my own blog (Nathaniel, Dr. S), two more recent but huggable acquaintances (par3182 and StinkyLulu), and the fetching Melissa, whom I've met one single time—but as Jacqueline Susann reminds us, once is not enough, and I can only imagine she was thinking of Melissa when she said this. Most recently, Tha 6 have suggested some pastimes for Spring, some dance-floor necessities, and some diamonds in the rough hauteur of the Whitney Biennial. You never know what we'll be up to, into, or down on next, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, two of the 6'ers are exciting my taste-buds with their own projects. Nathaniel, with the rodeo swagger of Jack Twist himself, has lassoed more than two dozen bloggers as participants in his Michelle Pfeiffer Blog-a-thon, kicking off on April 28th, the eve of Her 48th birthday. You don't have to be a Pfan to read—or, better yet, to post your own Pfilm review, Pfeiffer-related memory, tangential observation, praise-poem, watercolor, acrostic, Pfeiffer-themed quilt-pattern, velvet canvas, or any other tribute you might devise. Just send a URL off to The Film Experience, and he'll tie it all together, boosting traffic for all and raining glory down on Her Pfeline Elusiveness.

Lastly, StinkyLulu is now devoting every holy day of rest to a truly spiritual enterprise: Supporting Actress Sundays, turning each week to a nominee from years past. The 411: Stinky consecutively screens and reports on all five nominees from a given race, and at the end, Nathaniel, me, and all of you are invited to weigh in with your own impressions and shoulda-won vote. Right now, even as we murmur, Stinky is nearing the end of the 1958 cycle. Today, you can read why he found Oscar's own choice, Wendy Hiller in Separate Tables, to be such a pleasant surprise. Next week, we three talking heads have our scheduled smackdown. (Some disagreement has already been registered in relation to Martha Hyer in Vincente Minnelli's Some Came Running). From now until then, you can cast your own vote as to what year Stinky should take up as his next renter's obsession.

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