Monday, December 15, 2008

No Longer in My Thirties...

...but only insofar as Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai was my last entry in this bracket before we move up to the 20s. The oxygen is getting thinner—and not just because we're climbing higher. We're actually prepping for a quick launch into outer space. But Ghost Dog would advise us to be cool and stay in the present moment. Don't rush. Read and absorb. And I'm sure he'd tell you to leave a comment.

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Blogger tim r said...

I am entirely with you on my favourite Jim Jarmusch movie, but also never likely to ignore a thrown-down gauntlet like all these 1999 musical watersheds the Oscars were supposed to have ignored. What, might I ask, might these be? I am groping at Jon Brion's Magnolia score and that Joceyln Pook stuff in Eyes Wide Shut, but these hardly feel all that radical...

6:57 PM, December 15, 2008  
Blogger NicksFlickPicks said...

The trick here is that Ghost Dog was actually Oscar-eligible in 2000, and the irony of that trick is that the two musical awards from that year (for Crouching Tiger's score and for Bob Dylan's "Things Have Changed" from Wonder Boys) have got to rank among the best one-two punches in these categories that any Oscar year ever produced.

But, the now-ubiquitous score for Requiem for a Dream wasn't nominated, the amazing RZA work in Ghost Dog wasn't nominated, Howard Shore didn't have a prayer for the exciting, discordant eclecticism of his Cell score, the terrific raps from Bamboozled (especially my favorite, the ingenious semi-spoof "Blak Iz Blak") got shut out, and no one thought of a single way to acknowledge the phenomenon of the O Brother soundtrack.

But John Williams got in for The Patriot, and so did that Meet the Parents that Susanna Hoffs warbled so badly off-key at the ceremony (though I respect that you're a Randy Newman fan).

I'm just saying.

8:24 PM, December 15, 2008  
Blogger tim r said...

Aha! Alles klar. Yeah, Mansell should have got in, and it's a great pity the Academy didn't notice Shore until his Rings work, which is a bit like looking over Prokofiev's career and only feting him for Peter and the Wolf, charming though it is.

I love that Dylan song, which isn't true for me about that many Dylan songs.

Looking at the lists, Morricone for Malena is an odd call too, but at least they nominated Bjork, right?

12:43 AM, December 16, 2008  
Blogger NicksFlickPicks said...

At least they did, and at least she got all swanned up, but I meant to add before that they surely nominated Björk much less than they could have. Dancer > Patriot and all.

But again, Ghost Dog would tell me to just drop all of this.

2:23 AM, December 16, 2008  
Blogger goatdog said...

Nick, you should just chill.

Oh, sorry. Wrong dog.

9:03 AM, December 16, 2008  

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