Sunday, December 07, 2008

Mr. Altman & the Women

One more shout-out to the steps we're skipping. The actual daisy-chain after yesterday's paean to Positively True Adventures would lead you through an anti-corporate documentary; a queer Latin American prison drama; a spunky French sketchbook about all things Maggie Cheung; Holly Hunter visiting her parents for Thanksgiving; a South Central 'hood tragedy; a florid update on the Dracula legend; and one singularly ass-kicking flight attendant. And that's when you'd be ready to climb into this portal, right into a brilliant if somewhat erratic artist's imagination. It's better than Malkovich. It's Altman...

"He's always askin' me out and everything, but I'm not gonna go out with him till he gets over that cold..."

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Blogger Guy Lodge said...

Oh, snap!

This is one of the few Altman films that I wholeheartedly love, rather than coolly admire from a distance.

He and Spacek really should have done more work together. Their respective brands of nervousness work beautifully together, if that makes any sense.

8:28 AM, December 07, 2008  
Blogger NATHANIEL R said...

Duvall was so robbed of a Best Actress nomination for this. Not that it would have ever happened given that she seems to exist on another planet altogether but still...

7:16 AM, December 09, 2008  

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