Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wasn't She Lovely?

She also seemed committed and serious when she worked, and a majority of the time, she worked on tough stuff with interesting people. She suggested good humor, but not frivolity, especially not about acting. And every story I've ever read about her personality and habits and extensions of friendship offstage and offscreen has been a beauty. My favorite is about her sending The Hours to Meryl Streep because she thought Meryl would enjoy seeing herself pop up as a cameo character; friends who send books are always good friends. Speaking of books, when her mother wrote about her in her 1990 autobiography, even as she confessed to her own lapses and wavering availability as a mother, she glowed in a believable way about Natasha's goodness, and about watching her talent as an actress emerge.

I always worry that this is meaningless if not verging on the tasteless or presumptuous, but nonetheless, my thoughts are with the Redgraves and Richardsons and with the Neesons and all of their friends.

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Blogger Catherine said...

Nick, you really do write the most lovely (poor choice of word) obituries, and highlight the most generous, kind and human qualities that the person possessed. And she looks so beautiful in that photo. This death has really shaken me, for whatever reason.

7:22 AM, March 19, 2009  
Blogger John T said...

Nick, you always write so beautifully-what a lovely, precise tribute to a talented and sorely missed woman.

9:06 AM, March 19, 2009  

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