Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Relief

There's no time at the moment, and probably no need, to summarize all the terrible updates about the losses of life, the destruction of landscapes, resources, and property, and the onset of major health hazards along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Mississippi. As we all keep abreast of the news, please make room even if your personal budget is meager to donate to the Red Cross fund for Hurricane Relief. With major hospitals and airports underwater, critical-care patients being roughly transported to faraway sites, and other cataclysmic obstacles to the caretaking initiative, the Red Cross will need all the help it can get, and quickly.



Blogger allal40 said...

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My initiative tackles a noble goal that gathers two gigantic dreaming compagnies ,Hollywood and Bollywood, into a glittering and yet artistic night where the world enjoys a wonderful meeting between stars and super-stars , actors and actresses in order to serve global peace without referring to any geographical space nor any ethnic, religious and political status ,but instead this show or event relies on the mutual respect between people and dialog of cultures . I am in hopes some of your sponsors will be able to help me with my project. I was able to research your email and I’m excited to learn more about your help.I have interviewed Yash Shopra when he was in Marrakech( please google my name as Allal El Alaoui on Indian Cinema ) and i think he is a wonderful man.I want to project his movie Veer-Zaara because it is a movie about love , passion and peace this coming summer in Casablanca . This is a big project and i just wonder if one of your investors, sponsors could consider my idea seriously so as to make it successful,( Hollywood-Bollywood for the sake of peace .)

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4:53 AM, May 11, 2007  

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