Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Fanny Minafer Moment

"I walked my heels down looking for a place for us to live. I walked and walked over this town. I didn't ride one block on a streetcar. I wouldn't use five cents no matter how tired I was!"

This will be me in a week, in which time I will have completed the Chicago apartment-hunting trip on which I shall embark later today. My partner and I will be blowing around the Windy City from Thursday night until Wednesday evening, chasing a 3BR paragon of rentable real-estate, so burn whatever incense and say whatever prayers you've got that we find something good. If you live in Chicago, keep your fingers crossed that we hit the jackpot quickly, so that we'll have time to call you and hang out while we're there! If you don't hear from us, you can guess that we're turning into this...

...but hopefully that won't happen. In any event, I can't make any guesses about web accessibility where we're staying, or even about how much free time we'll have to use it, so expect light blogging for the week while I'm gone. I'll be so happy when this peekaboo month of May is wrapped, and this party is hopping regularly again!

Images from The Magnificent Ambersons © 1942 RKO Radio Pictures/Mercury Productions, and reproduced from


Blogger tim r said...

Don't use any streetcars then, unless they happen to have "Desire" printed on them, in which case we'll let you off. And you'd better get Derek to lop off those heels, maybe with a machete like Michael Douglas in Romancing the Stone. They're not practical, you know. Good luck!

10:53 AM, May 31, 2006  
Blogger NATHANIEL R said...

3 Bedroom. wow. set your sights high. good for you.

in other words of encouragement:
don't lose it like crazy ol' aunt fannie! we need you sane so that you're writing regularly in June!

10:28 PM, May 31, 2006  
Blogger Glenn Dunks said...


The Magnificent Ambersons... bliss.

(good luck with house hunting)

10:01 AM, June 04, 2006  

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