Sunday, May 28, 2006

Supporting Actress Sundays: 1942

Later today, StinkyLulu will post the second roundtable installment of his Supporting Actress Sundays feature, profiling the contenders from 1942. (If you're still catching up, you can click here for the basic mission statement of Supporting Actress Sundays, and here to revisit our first group discussion of the 1958 nominees.)

In general, the 1942 crop impresses me much more than the ladies of 1958 did, and in Agnes Moorehead's Fanny Minafer from The Magnificent Ambersons, the category boasts at least one all-time great performance, though Stinky himself registers a provocative and well-argued dissent on that score. Later today, click back over to see how Nathaniel, mainlymovies, myself, and our gracious host rate the honored turns by Moorehead, Gladys Cooper in Now, Voyager, Susan Peters in Random Harvest, Dame May Whitty in Best Picture winner Mrs. Miniver, and the winner in this category, Teresa Wright, also in Mrs. Miniver.

Edited to Add: Nathaniel has duplicated the yummiest, plummiest side-dish of Supporting Actress Sundays by editing a clipreel from the five nominated performances. Savor it! (The end is a hoot.)

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Blogger NATHANIEL R said...

Yes, this crop was MUCH better than 1958. So much better that I'm already excited to do this again.

my clipreel is now up too for those who haven't made it through all the movies but want a brief glance at what we're all chattering about.

If I had had more space I would've mentioned in the smackdown that Moorehead's is not only my fav of the category but one of my favorites. ever.

1:06 PM, May 28, 2006  

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