Monday, November 26, 2007

Black Power, Indeed

As my friend put it, "This is definitely the laziest form of activism I've ever encountered," and for that reason alone, I cannot resist telling you about it. Someone apparently informed Google that 750 megawatt-hours per year (whatever that means) would be saved if Google had a black screen instead of its blinding, resource-depleting white one. In response—and whether it's a sincere or a snarky response, or both, I leave you to decide—you can now do all of your regular Googling at Blackle, and also count how much energy you and your fellow Blacklers have saved by visiting this site. To prove that it works, I Googled "Nick Davis Haynes," a future-married name that I like to indite around the web (as well as scrawl in all my spiral notebooks and on the covers of all my binders), and the first 10 responses all referred right back to me! Which ratifies the working abilities of Blackle and also serves as the galaxy's best Magic 8 Ball proving that Todd and I will one day tie the knot. (Blackle doesn't work for image searching, so our courtship pictures are, at present, unavailable.)

Enjoy your Blackling—and congratulate me, in retrospect, for having saved so many megawatt-hours for so many years at this site without even realizing that I was doing so. And go have another listen to "Blak Iz Blak" from Bamboozled, a song even more brilliantly serious/sarcastic than Blackle, and my favorite unnominated Original Song from the whole decade so far. I think we all know now where Mos Def, Mo Blak, One-Sixteenth Blak, and the rest of the Mau Mau's would be handling all of their web-searching needs.

P.S. Oops! The Bamboozled tracks are only available if you buy the whole album... but you should.


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