Thursday, November 15, 2007

Preview of Queer Attractions

Continuing yesterday's thread about inspiration, it's worth remembering that inspiration sometimes comes from looming prospects instead of past or present moments. Which is my way of hyping up the Queer Film Blog-a-thon that Queering the Apparatus, that Wilde of the Web, that passionate scholar and perfect wit, will be hosting this coming Monday. My whole Ph.D. dissertation and much of my teaching are devoted to queer cinema, so QTA knows that this blog-a-thon couldn't possibly be closer to my heart, and I love him for dreaming up this particular shindig. Since a "queer" film to me is politically invested and, even more than that, formally adventurous in a way that a "gay/lesbian" film isn't necessarily, I offer this quick review of the 1982 groundbreaker Making Love, a very earnest "gay" film that hasn't got a "queer" bone in its tastefully conventional body. I just saw Making Love for the first time and am trying to get into the habit of dashing something off after I catch things on DVD, though you know I've promised before...

Anyway: when next week rolls around, start your Manic Monday at QTA's house, and appreciate all over again one of the richest, most challenging, most politically ambitious, and most stylistically varied traditions in contemporary film!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are you trying to subvert the heteronormative paradigm?

5:20 PM, November 16, 2007  
Blogger NicksFlickPicks said...

So that the world will be happier and ready for me by the time I'm 51, PG West. ;) Lots of x's and o's on that one, you rascal.

11:38 PM, November 16, 2007  

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