Sunday, May 17, 2009

IFC Marks the Spot

One of the perils of my staying off so many websites, unless they're linked from the handful I visit every day, is that I am often The Last to Know, so I only have myself to blame for the fact that I've only recently understood that when David Hudson left GreenCine Daily, he took up shop at IFC and spectacularly enriched and expanded the coverage at the The Daily @ IFC.Com, currently (as had been the case at GreenCine when David managed it) the most comprehensive, trenchant, and thought-provoking blog of film news that I have found anywhere on the web. It's taken me a while to catch up on lots of back entries, but the IFC Blog is especially crucial now, since it's bubbling with fantastic and frequently updated Cannes coverage. Economics being what they are, almost no one who usually covers Cannes is doing a very good job this year, or any kind of job at all: the New York Times' attention has been pitiful and distant, and it wasn't until yesterday that the newly imagined GreenCine, compelling though it is in its different, non-Hudsonian way, even acknowledged that Cannes is taking place.

If you want to know the scuttlebut about the new Campion (great news, it turns out!), the new Audiard, the new Kore-eda, the new Coppola, the new Bong, the new Costa, the new De Van, the Up premiere, the European bow of Precious, about anything else Cannes-related (beyond what's on their own delicious but complicated site, including press conferences and great photos), or about anything else movie-related, IFC is an indispensable pit-stop. But then, you probably knew that already. (And thanks, David, for plugging my own plug for this book!)

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