Thursday, January 11, 2007

Todd and Me, Sittin' in a Tree, W-A-I-T-I-N-G

In fashion, as we know, you're either In or you're Out. Book publishing, however, appears to follow different rules. I can't tell if the anthology The Cinema of Todd Haynes, edited by James Morrison, is Out or Not. The original publication date from Wallflower Press in the UK was scheduled for last spring, with a joint publication from Columbia University Press, which later announced a June release. Then, both dates were moved to December. However, the Wallflower page indicates that the book has been out in the UK since September, and the unillustrated Amazon page says it's been available for purchase in the U.S. since November. But I haven't seen it anywhere, and nor has the editor.

Why do I care so much? Because I'm in it! Chapter 8, y'all. So, when the book eventually does come to a bookstore near you, give it some love! And don't begrudge a blogging academic who's geeked to see his name in print, particularly in connection to the work of a Living Genius, and who is therefore shamelessly hawking the wares. (It would help, of course, if the wares would appear, so that they might be hawked.)

Meanwhile, tomorrow's a big day for movie-going: I'll finally be hitting up Dreamgirls at midday and Children of Men in the afternoon. Comments and Globe predix soon to follow. I expect I'll also hunker down with When the Levees Broke over the weekend, and I've got a group date to go see Letters from Iwo Jima on Tuesday. Once those verdicts have rolled in, I'll just be waiting on this and this and especially this before my Top 10 list and all the other Best of 2007 features pop up on the main site. When that eventually happens, don't expect more than a nod apiece, if even that, for Our Brand Is Crisis, an intriguing documentary with a great subject that nonetheless holds back too far from the issues and events at its core, or for The Painted Veil, which is less precious and dainty than it might have been but still omits any fresh insights or directorial signatures, resulting in a movie with casual appeal but zero urgency.

(Image © 2005 Wallflower Press)

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Blogger qta said...

I am so buying this book! Two of my great loves... Todd Haynes and Nick Davis... how could I resist? Congrats Nick!

9:13 PM, January 11, 2007  
Blogger Yaseen Ali said...

Correction: Two Living Geniuses. I'm buying this when I see it.

9:40 PM, January 11, 2007  
Blogger NATHANIEL R said...

whoa. hate for curse of golden flower. ah well... i realize it's not for everyone but i thought it was funny.

ok. so in regards to your actual post:
1. can't wait for the book.
2. it's kind of you to consider Breaking & Entering a 2006 release. But I've drawn a line. from now on (starting with this one because i just can't take it anymore) if it doesn't open in NYC during the calendar year it don't count. I'm rejecting one week qualifiers that only hit LA.

11:05 AM, January 12, 2007  

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