Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One Step Forward...

I've mostly been staying off the political soapbox on this blog, but on a day when one hugely exciting political breakthrough hits simultaneously with an announcement of yet another legal-political insult to gays, lesbians, and other queer-identified folks—reminding me of just how it felt last November when the nation's giant step forward in the Oval Office was accompanied and (understandably) overwhelmed in the news cycle by a statewide referendum against the legal personhood of LGBTs... I don't know that I have anything to say about it so much as I just feel like sighing. Publicly.

Once you've caught your breath and feel able to do something more productive than sighing, especially if you live in New York state and can fairly expect your legislators to listen to you, consider reading up on the Empire State Pride Agenda's efforts to pass marriage-equality statutes in New York, and think about donating just a little to the cause. Or, if you're a non-New Yorker, the Human Rights Campaign is still going strong with its national push on this issue, but they can always, of course, use your help. One dislikes the feeling of paying into a campaign for rights that should automatically, equally, and freely accrue to the full citizenry... but hey, one also dislikes sitting back and fuming at the computer without putting some money where your blog is. Scrape it together, people.

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